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The West Coast Guard Service is the most reputable security guard company in Los Angeles, California. Our professional security guards provide highly rated security services to our clients with customer-centric support. The utmost goal of the west coast guard service security guards is to assist enterprises with the utilization of the best security methods in order to increase overall productivity, minimize liability, and stop shrinkage. Our security guards always ensure the right security services according to the needs of you and your businesses.



The West Coast Guard Service was founded in 1992. The security officers working for the West Coast Guard service are committed to providing quality security and environmental property services. We’ve continued to expand by putting a strong emphasis on ongoing development, introducing fresh ideas, and staying true to our commitment to giving our clients the best security options, offering residential, commercial, and private security services. Our primary focus is to ensure our clients’ security and well-being in their community, businesses, and homes. Our security officers patrol the space where your company is located to weed out any potential threats to human life. Our knowledgeable security guards provide long-lasting security solutions tailored to the client’s business location. Additionally, they guarantee that the solutions offered to eliminate risks that pose a threat to life are put into action. As the consistently top-rated private security service in Los Angeles for nearly three decades, we employ only highly trained, vetted, and experienced officers with real-world policing expertise.

Highly Trained and Skilled Security Guards

The west coast guard service provides highly trained security guards to the clients. They have got relevant skills and experience in providing security services. Our security officers are reliable and trustworthy. We are proud of being the number one security guard services provider. We support our customers to ensure the best possible security guard protection. We are one of the leading and most innovative security guard companies in Los Angeles, California. Our experts create a thorough security strategy tailored to each client’s particular requirements. We employ the most thorough protocols, including the most recent state and federal laws, to offer both unarmed and armed security services. The best options for hands-on management are available from our experts, who have a committed group that works across various industries. The West Coast Guard Service stands out from the competition thanks to our results-driven approach and courteous yet competent staff.

  • Our officers are adept at spotting unlawful or illegal behavior.
  • They can detect criminal activity, dangerous fires, or any commotion that could endanger your family or put your property in danger. The officers are capable of analyzing and using the amenities that are frequently used in locations that require total security.
  • They have received training to safely handle and carry weapons like firearms and batons.
  • They are competent in using the “detect, determine, observe, and report” basic security methodology. The officers are capable of performing a variety of tasks with competence, including detaining and arresting offenders.
  • They fully understand the importance of taking precise notes of their findings and producing thorough reports.
  • A sincere dedication to the development and training of every employee
  • Knowledgeable and skilled management personnel
  • A reliable vendor with a successful track record.
  • An approach that is cooperative and consultative
  • A vibrant, flexible business that puts its clients and staff first.
Goals and Values
West Coast Guard Service
Our values always serve as the foundation for all of our decisions at the West Coast Guard Service. We are aware that our customers are looking for a skilled group to assist them. Additionally, our clients are seeking a team that embodies their values. We think that living out our values helps us deliver reliable, high-quality security services. And in order to feel secure and supported as they go about their daily lives, our clients and customers require dependable, high-quality security services. We are a dynamic and flexible provider of specialty security guard services in Los Angeles, California.
West Coast Guard Service
We have experience with security and know what good security looks like. We also understand that our clients depend on us for the best possible support and direction. Due to our dedication to quality, we make sure that all of our security personnel pass rigorous background checks. Additionally, it implies that prior to serving as your security guard, each of our security officers goes through a rigorous training process. We also guarantee that each client’s needs will be met by our security plans and services. We can play to our strengths by valuing a range of knowledge, viewpoints, and experiences.
West Coast Guard Service
Every customer’s and company’s needs are exactly those of every single customer and every single corporation. At the West Coast Guard Service, we are aware that using generic security measures can expose businesses to enormous liability risks. As part of our dedication to customization, we thoroughly research each client’s requirements prior to developing a security plan and recommending security services. The type of support you require depends greatly on factors like the layout of your building and the business’s hours of operation. We guarantee that your security services will never leave you high and dry by compiling all the necessary data.
Verified Security Company
Reasons to Choose
Reliable and Devoted to Security Surveillance
Our highly trained security personnel are committed to providing unmatched security services that are backed by a top-notch skill set. Our security officers go above and beyond while tenaciously protecting the interests of our customers.
Well-qualified Security Guards
The state of California maintains records of every security guard employed by the West Coast Guard Service. They have been put through a number of screening processes, such as interviews, background checks, and drug tests.
Security Guard Training
Our armed security officers must meet the highest standards. A minimum of two years’ worth of security experience and yearly success in a requalification course for firearms are prerequisites for security guard employment.
Executive security
At West Coast Guard Service, we provide the highest standard of security. We provide a broad selection of honest and professional guard services. Ex-marines and members of the homeland security team are required to guarantee your safety.
24/7 vigilance
We believe that by being reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, West Coast Guard Service can provide our customers with security. We offer qualified personnel and round-the-clock dispatch to ensure strict compliance.
Verified Security Company
Professional Security Guard
Company in Los Angeles
The West Coast Guard Service is a fully licensed and insured security guard company in Los Angeles, California. We have highly vetted custodial staff to provide outstanding services to our clientele. We provide trained uniformed guards who are on duty around-the-clock, seven days a week, both armed and unarmed. All of our security personnel are trained, crowd managers.


The West Coast Guard Service offers security services to thousands of companies, famous people, hotels, condos, events, and clubs.


Our security officers undergo extensive training that is rigorous and tailored to each position they are assigned. They are dressed in uniforms, either those the client provides or police-style ones that are provided. We run an on-site security training facility where all of our guards receive their licenses and training.


Any security services set up for a client must be carried out faithfully in order to function properly. At the West Coast Guard Service, we believe in offering consistent services and consistent round-the-clock dispatch support, so you never have to be concerned that your security team has taken a day off. Regular patrols, security guard training, and technology implementation all work together to ensure your safety at all times.

Our Mission

To deliver expert security and investigative services that are tailored to each client’s needs while exemplifying responsiveness, assiduity, and professionalism.

Verified Security Company
The Values We Uphold

Honesty and discretion

We expect our people to act in an honorable and morally upstanding manner. Maintaining our reputation, which is our most valuable asset, depends on our integrity. We exercise appropriate caution when using client information and respect their right to privacy.

Obligations of the company

We act in accordance with our civic responsibilities as members of the community. We work hard to give back to the communities where we do business, both as an organization and through our employees.


We can play to our strengths by valuing a range of knowledge, viewpoints, and experiences. The West Coast Guard Service is an employer that values diversity and equal opportunity. We uphold all civil rights legislation, both state and federal. We also think that promoting diversity in the workplace helps businesses succeed.

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