Years of expertise
We have provided security guards services in los angeles to thousands of clients with resilience, integrity, and sustainable security solutions. The West Coast Guard Service’s top priority is to offer exceptional services to protect homes, businesses, and other structures from a variety of terrifying dangers.
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Offering top-notch security services since 1992
The west coast guard service apprehends the difficulties of the clients. We offer a highly-skilled, government-certified team. Our supreme aim is to protect the lives and assets of our clientele.
Our ultimate objective
Our immediate goal is to provide outstanding security guard assistance to the people of Los Angeles, California. We vow to deliver unprecedented security guard services to make your enterprise more secure and comfortable.
Reliable and devoted Security surveillance
Our skilled and qualified security staff are dedicated to offering unparalleled security services supported by a top-notch skill set. Our guards perform above and beyond, fiercely defending the interests of our clients.
Well-qualified security guards
All the security guards employed by the West Coast Guard Service are registered with the state of California. They have undergone numerous screening procedures, including background checks, interviews, and drug tests.
Security guard training
We expect nothing less than the best of our armed security personnel. Security guards are required to have a minimum of two years of security experience and annually pass a firearms requalification program.
CCTV surveillance
The security officers at West Coast Guard Service use cutting-edge equipment, such as CCTV surveillance, to safeguard clients and their private property. They send out signals when someone attempts to break into their house.
Executive security
At West Coast Guard Service, we deliver the highest rank of security. We offer a thorough range of professional and transparent guard services. Ex-marine and homeland security personnel are compelled to ensure your safety.
24/7 vigilance
West Coast Guard Service thinks that by being accessible around the clock, we can give our clients peace of mind. We provide professional staff and 24-hour dispatch to assure uncompromising compliance.
Verified Security Company

Extraordinary security guard
services in Los Angeles

West Coast Guard Service is a triumphant and delegated private security guard company in Los Angeles. We offer security guards at an hourly flat rate that provides endurable security keys to our clients. The West Coast guard service is well known for its remarkable security grounds.

We stand out among all the security guard companies in Los Angeles just because of the diversity and assortment of our services. We always make sure that our clients get what they require for the safety and protection of their personal belongings.

The client’s safety is the top priority.

At West Coast Guard Services, we thrive on providing exceptional security guard services to clients, regardless of their class. To fulfill the requirements of clients, we make use of tried and true techniques when devising trustworthy security programs. Your security is our pledge, and we are the best at keeping our commitments. Our top-notch security services put us ahead of the curve. At West Coast Guard Service, we provide security guards at affordable prices for the corporate sector to ensure the protection and security of everyone. Our security guards go above and beyond to provide cutting-edge security guard services in Los Angeles. Furthermore, they make sure that our clients get the most out of every dollar they spend for security purposes.

Selection benchmarks

The selection criteria for security guards are changing every day.  It is impossible to meet the requirements of the clients by hiring a typical security guard with no specific qualifications or skills. It is very significant to specify the parameters when hiring a security guard. Our security guards have been through different strenuous screening tests in order to meet the needs of our clients. Our guards are well aware of their duties. They are extremely competent, in contrast to other guards. The West Coast Guard Service has emerged as the top choice for businesses and individuals looking to hire dependable security guards in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Top-end security services
At West Coast Guard Service, we have teams that are highly adept and competent at putting security benchmarks in place around any commercial, industrial, or retail location. We deliver superior security guard services in Los Angeles. We pledge to share our strengths and benefit the people with reliable and trustworthy private security guards.
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Our security guards operate eight-hour or longer shifts with alternating schedules to deliver round-the-clock vigil. Hence, we provide security services...
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It is very conservative when you are looking for security guard services. Providing guaranteed security is not a joke. Small blunders can even cause huge losses. The guards are responsible for protecting all the valuable assets and the crowds. To ensure the safety and protection of the populace, we fulfill the requirements of security for the first time, because when we talk about security, there is no other chance.

At West Coast Guard Services, we provide security guards with exceptional combat skills and are well-equipped with all the necessary firearms. Our security guards are pledged to fulfill their duties. The West Coast Guard Service is a licensed security guard company in Los Angeles, California. We offer a variety of security services throughout the state.

Security Solutions

Our security guards are trustworthy because they perform their duties in the best way. Our security guards will protect you from any sort of threat. They will offer you numerous endurable security solutions. We go the extra mile to meet your requirements.

Patrol services

At West Coast Guard Services, we evaluate our security guards to make sure they are the most suitable for the circumstances. Our guards can be deployed to patrol large organizations’ entrances, watch over the security of moving vehicles, or guard cash or other priceless assets. We also offer security services for neighborhood watch programs, places of worship, and numerous other prestigious locations.

Armed and unarmed security guards.

Our armed and unarmed security guards are constantly on the lookout for any unusual activity so they can take appropriate action as soon as it is noticed. They keep the area they are assigned to calm and watch out for people’s movement. They are taught to act quickly in an emergency, to be watchful, and to pay close attention to every little thing.

Security FAQ’s
Experience the exceptional security guards services

What is the scope of your security guard service?

The main scope is to meet the requirements of our clients and make them feel safe and sound. Our guards control any suspicious activity within the premises. The guards observe the statistics to detect thieves, report them and protect you. The West Coast Guard Service provides the ultimate security guards and reliable security solutions to get rid of life-threatening risks. We provide well-equipped security guards to meet any uncertain situation.

Is security your primary business?

It is one of the leading questions clients always ask to ensure the security guards’ services. Many companies provide alarm installation or landscaping, which is the reason behind this query. Always convince them that your primary goal is to provide security services to clients. Demonstrate to them the privilege and guarantee of security services. If your company has any notable awards, certifications, or history, tell your clients in order to convince them.

How do you price your services?

The price of a service depends on a number of variables. For instance, the duration, location, particular duties, and additional contributions. We would be delighted to meet with you and go over your individual requirements.

Are your security officers supervised?

An automated software system that tracks the officer’s on-duty hours and verifies the officer’s location is used by the security guard to check in and out of duty. The West Coast Guard Service has supervisors on the ground who routinely keep an eye on everyone on the team’s performance. Our clients are assured of receiving high-quality service through their supervision, instruction, and inspection.

Do security guards keep daily reports?

According to management requirements, daily security reports can be given for each shift. If there is a security breach, incident reports will be given. Any criminal activity, property loss, or damage, as well as any falls or injuries sustained on the property, would fall under this category. Clients may receive electronic reporting.

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    Earnest S. DarnellOur Customer
    I’m so happy that I chose the right security firm because West Coast Guard Service security guards have been reliable throughout the task. They will be my go-to people for the upcoming lengthy project.
    James M. BowmanOur Customer
    I am delighted with the execution of the West Coast Guard Service team assigned to our buildings. Questions and needs are addressed by the management in a timely manner. The West Coast Guard is definitely something I’d advise others to join.
    Roger E. ChurchwellOur Customer
    When it comes to safeguarding our financial institutions, the West Coast Guard Service is incredibly dependable and economical. The West Coast Guard Service has been with the bank since the beginning, and I am very happy with their service. In my opinion, it is the best security services company in Los Angeles.
    William S. GoldsteinOur Customer
    I have experience with security firms, but none compares to the West Coast Guard Service. I needed security guards for a small special event, but because of how well they performed, we have remained in contact ever since. special occasions to research projects… Strong thumbs up! Keep up the excellent work.